AKA : Noopers, Snoopernicus, Snoopling

Born: 5/10

Likes: Sprawling, Chewing people, places or things, soccer, fetching trees (and trying to bring them in the house), tormenting the cat and HUGS

Dislikes: being left out (especially of cuddles), vacuum cleaners, flies


Snoopie joined us on the weekend of July 4th in 2010.

Paige had decided that it was time for a new addition to our family. After 18 wonderful years together, her long time friend, Tah-Tah, decided that it was time to move on.  Tah-Tah ran away and though Paige looked for him for a long time, she finally accepted that her friend had taken leave to spare her the sorrow of watching him pass away. Paige mourned for about 2 years before she came to the decision to bring a new friend in to the house.

So we researched different dog breeds (the researching is my forte) and discussed which qualities would be a good mix with Barkley. So we talked about it repeatedly. We looked up animals that were in nearby shelters that needed a forever home. We researched local rescue groups. And I offered a few suggestions. Ultimately we decided to visit some of the shelters that are nearby.

Shelter #1 – I found out that she was indeed looking for a puppy rather than an older dog. For some reason, I had it in my head we were looking for a young – adult dog. That error was quickly corrected. That shelter was very busy, people were everywhere. And that made me happy. The shelter was also very full, probably 2-3 dogs for every one person in there. That made me sad. While Paige saw a lot of dogs that she liked, she didn’t find “the one.” So we left in search of another shelter. Well, we also left because I had started crying because I was so distraught about all of the animals there who needed a home.

Shelter #2 –  Out in the middle of nowhere, it seemed. Probably the cleanest shelter I’ve ever seen in my life. Lots of cages. Lots of full cages. But I tried to hold back the tears so that Paige didn’t feel the need to rush out, so she could really look for a pup with whom she had a connection. Alas, while many wonderful animals were there, there was no connection.

Shelter #3 – We had just about given up on this one because it was really difficult to find. But finally, we found it. There weren’t but a handful of animals there. I think it was a satellite office of one of the bigger shelters. But when we first walked in, there were two big crates right next to each other. A family consisting of a father, mother, and son were playing with one of the puppies that was in one of the crates. We walked the shelter, what there was of it, and came back to the front area. And a connection was made. While the family of three was deciding to become a family of four, Paige saw that puppy’s sister in the crate. A 7-week old Border Collie & Boston Terrier mix who was being fostered with her mom and siblings. The connection was mutual.

Paige insisted that the puppy told her her name was Snoopie.

So we started the paperwork. Lots of paperwork.

We left as a family.

Meet Snoopie.

Snoopie with Meerkat in her little crate


Snoopie working on a chew bone


Passed Out Pooch


Exploring the vast back yard


Welcome to the jungle


I wasn’t doing anything. I swear.


Let’s play


Well, hello there.


Taking a little break


Working on a chewy in one of her favorite beds


Peek a boo


I’m ready for my close up


Enjoying the puppy bed and toys from Grandma


A little older here but still completely puppy


What do you mean “too big”? I can still fit. See?


One thought on “Snoopie

  1. I love the way you tell the story….one thing about finding Snoopie that I really like is the fact that we learned from the 3rd shelter that Snoopie had been at Shelter #1 early in the day and had just arrived before we did after she also was sent from Shelter #2. Therefore, she was just ahead of us a little and I am ever so grateful that we pushed through getting lost on our way to shelter #3. What is it they say? “Three times a charm”. She is my little charm girl:)

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