Jack Sellassie

Goes by: Jack or will also come once you enter the kitchen

Born: 7/98

Left our world: 2/24/2012

Weight: He’d rather I didn’t say

Likes: Catnip, Feathers on sticks, Windows, Bug Chasing, Wrapping Ribbon

Dislikes: Everything else

Jack’s Story:

I had just moved into my own place after college. I’d grown up with dogs and my apartment felt lifeless. I knew I couldn’t get a puppy because I was working full time as well as going to graduate school several evenings during the week. I didnt have the time to spend rearing a puppy. But a cat seemed like a perfect companion.

My co-worker and friend, Karen, offered to help me search for the right cat and even would pay the adoption fee. I was in. We looked at a few shelters but didnt find “the one.” I was looking for a particular type of cat. Since I had grown up with long haired dogs, I figured a long haired cat would help me make the transition. Well, at the last shelter we went to there was a pretty, long haired kitty who was healthy and available. I held her and thought I had found the cat for me.

Then I see this long arm reach from between the bars of the cage. The little paw moved up and down in a waving motion. Not like “hello” but more like “c’mere.” And there was Jack. Short haired, laid back Jack. He had summoned me and I couldnt resist him.

Turns out he had been well taken care of. He was already neutered and litter trained. The reason the couple had given him up was because the woman had become pregnant and they were afraid of the cat hurting the baby.  But I knew this cat couldn’t hurt anything. This was before I saw him go after a bug. 🙂

That’s the story of Jack…


Jack on the run


Jack Jumping


Jack in the Basket


Loves Being on My Clean Clothes




Napping Position


On top of bookcase


On the Stairs


Taking a peek

Jack in a box

Jack in the Box


In Cabinet






Typical Cat Position


Hanging Out




Typical Cat Position #2


Jack 98-2012

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3 thoughts on “Jack

  1. Jack = Best. Cat. Ever.

    He eats lots of ribbon and has lots of bugs (mostly june bugs) to chase. He eats like a pig and your right – he does come every time I go into the kitchen. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your sweet feline with me, nights would be VERY empty and lonely without Jack. He has helped me get through some dark hours of these past few months. I (as always) am grateful to you for sharing with others when I know it hurts your heart. You always put others first. I miss and love you.


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